We are delighted that we have the opportunity to bid for a smaller amount of funding for 2019-20 but our focus now is very much on sustainability of the hub model and other key aspects of our work including the Experts By Experience beyond the end of the funding period next year. 
Updates from our hubs
Our hubs are as busy as ever; our fifth cohort of students have just started their placements, plans are underway for our sixth Research Minded Event focusing on helping practitioners make their research idea a reality, a Higher Education accredited module is planned for the Practitioners Who Teach programme and we are developing a development and support programme for Practice Educators across the partnership (including PVIs and IPEs).

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Research project update; the opportunities and challenges
At our fifth research minded event we heard back from practitioners running research projects. All are at different stages but all are addressing key frontline practice issues (there are articles about first three in this newsletter - click on the links below to read the full articles): 
- Exploring outcomes for children in terms of permanency
- Exploring how differing levels of integration in hospitals impacts the understanding of the social work role.
Newly Qualified Social Workers, Aisling and Daniela, share their experiences as students and NQSWs
Aisling and Daniela who took up their roles as NQSWs in East Sussex in September 2018 were amongst the cohort of teaching partnership students at the University of Brighton. In these interviews Aisling and Daniela discuss their experience of the hub model and what they added to their education as social workers:
“I definitely believe the hub model me more practice-ready than I would otherwise have been. As a student it’s really important to be able to reflect on practice and get feedback on how you are doing. I would often arrive at the hubs feeling really stressed but left feeling enthusiasm again about social work. “ Aisling Woodgate
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- Aisling's story
- Daniela's story
Experts by Experience

Our Experts by Experience (EBE) programme provides training and support to service users and carers to enable them to contribute directly to the teaching partnership and to the teaching and learning process. In this edition we hear from EBE, Sarah, who is one of our first cohort to complete the EBE training and support programme. Sarah has been a service user of East Sussex’s Adult Social Care for a number of years and was keen to become involved. Sarah reflected: “I definitely want to keep being involved. It’s very important; not just for us to help social workers but for us personally to grow and learn. I also like the fact that I am helping others in some small way. If I give my experience hopefully it will help someone treat someone differently next time. I am so grateful to be a member of the EBE”

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We also spoke to Tracy Hind, of Recovery Partners, who has been instrumental in the creation and development of the EBE programme. Tracy reflects on the inspiration and challenges they have experienced along the way: “The highlight of my work with the Teaching Partnership has been the group work with the EBEs; when we come together as a cohort and we check in and talk about how we are doing, how opportunities have gone, what we need in terms of support. I’m really pleased the opportunities so far have gone well.”

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Sustainability – planning for the future of the teaching partnership

Over the next 12 months we will be putting plans together to retain the many benefits our hub model has demonstrated over the past two years. In the autumn we will be holding a Sustainability event, which we are delighted to announce will be facilitated by Professor Saul Becker, Provost of the University of Sussex. Professor Becker will use a citizen advocacy approach to help our key stakeholders including the Board and Implementation Group formulate ways in which can continue strands of the model on an ongoing basis.

Upcoming events
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