Benefits for social work students

Our ‘TRIP’ model is underpinned by a commitment to relationship and strengths-based practice which supports professional development in social work and ensures continuity and consistency across all phases of the social work career trajectory. We are piloting a new and innovative way of working which includes Student Learning Hubs (SLH) for postgraduate level qualifying students.

An SLH is a unit of 5-8 students led by a Professional Education Consultant (PEC). The PEC will be responsible for supporting the supervision, education and assessment of practice of students on placement in adults’ and children’s services at Brighton & Hove City Council and East Sussex County Council. In some cases the PEC may also be responsible for managing a caseload with the students in their unit.

Students will continue to be placed within teams within our local authorities and then come together as a learning hub with the PECs through group supervision and skills based practice sessions. This new group learning model will provide students with a more hands on learning opportunity. It also allows the creation of an open space in which thinking and reflecting is encouraged and embraces a wider range of understanding and potential solutions. Practice focused sessions facilitate the development of core social work skills where students learn to apply techniques, approaches and learning in their day to day practice.