Service user involvement

Increasing engagement

The SCRC believe that service user involvement is fundamental in driving forward practice improvement; to this end Recovery Partners were engaged to undertake research with service users, carers and practitioners to identify recommendations for increasing service user involvement.

Recovery Partners consulted with 30 service users and carers, drawn from community groups, user/ carer networks or via their social worker. They found that great enthusiasm to become involved in the education and training of social workers. The coming 12 months promise exciting developments with service users becoming involved in our governance arrangements, our teaching and our training. The Experts through Experience programme is key in making this happen.

Experts through Experience programme

This programme provides training and support to service users and carers to enable them to contribute directly to the teaching partnership and to the teaching and learning process.


The SCRC has recently published an evaluation of teaching partnership and it was noted how much the Experts by Experience had achieved:

"The Experts By Experience work has brought the service user agenda to the forefront of social work
education by having service users actively involved in decision making about Newly Qualified Social
Workers progress from their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment. Their involvement,
bringing valuable lived experience to the opportunities they undertake."

For the full evaluation please see our news page.