Updates from our hubs January 2019

Student Learning Hub

Our fifth cohort of students has just started their placements and are going really well.

The key issue we are considering now across the partnership is sustainability; the hub model is really valued so we need to establish the possibilities of taking it forward beyond the end of the funded period.

Our students are continuing to use Mahara as their ePortfolio, however East Sussex and Brighton & Hove will be developing the existing Learning Portal to meet their ePortfolio needs for all social work practitioners including NQSWs factoring in the possible coming KSS accreditation. It is planned that the NQSWs’ student Mahara profiles will be imported into the Learning Portal providing a foundation for learning as qualified social workers.

Practice Research Hub

The fifth of our research minded events was once again really well attended. We heard back from a number of practitioners regarding the progress of their research projects – you can read more overleaf.

Anna Bouch and Jacquie Lelkes who have completed their research project regarding wellbeing in the context of the Care Act are anticipating its publication in the European Journal of Social Work.

We have just completed our third research confidence questionnaire which is currently being analysed and compared against past results; initial indications are positive and the results will be published on the website in due course.

Professional Practice Development Hub

We are currently undertaking analysis of the Practitioners Who Teach (PWT) programme in preparation for putting forward a sustainability plan post funding and are planning to introduce a Higher Education accredited module – Introduction to Teaching – for the programme.

Academics into Practice placements for  this academic year are currently been allocated and will be completed by the autumn.

Practice Education Development working group

This new working group has been established to focus on the practice education development pathway and support for Practice Educators across East Sussex and Brighton & Hove including PVIs and Independent Educators. A survey was sent out to Practice Educators in the autumn to establish what they would most value and we are now putting a programme together which will be announced shortly.