Research project update; the opportunities and challenges

At our fifth research minded event we heard back from practitioners running research projects. All are at different stages but all are addressing key frontline practice issues (there are articles about first three in this newsletter):

The event was rounded off with a table top discussion on what practitioners thought was possible in terms of research in their own practice; what they had learned today and what would help practitioners to start doing research. It was felt that the key learning was not underestimating how long it’s going to take to do research. Anna Bouch (Brighton & Hove City Council) reflected:

“At the beginning of this research minded journey we were nervous about the cultural change required to gain the engagement and interest in research but what we’ve found is that practitioners and managers have been great – now we need to make sure we maintain this enthusiasm for embedding research into practice.”

There were a number of suggestions for giving practitioners confidence to undertake research, including a workshop on research, ensuring academic support, access to journals and the support of beacon teams.