Capacity to change


Practice tools

  • Frontline: Assessing parents' capacity to change (Tool) - Research in Practice arecurrently working with a number of local authorities looking to develop a suiteof tools to be incorporated into assessments and interventions focusing onparental capacity to change. This fits with East Sussex focus on beingvery clear in our assessments about parental capacity to change and then beingvery specific about how this will be tested out and measured during a timelimited period of intervention. In particular most cases inpre-proceedings should be using this process – if SWIFT are involved this needsto be done in close consultation with them. These tools supportstandardised professional judgement but must be used alongside theguidance. Please note that SWIFT in the mental health theme oftenask SW’s to complete a different form to assess depression and anxiety (PHQ9and the GAD7) – it is important that we make sure parents are not subject todifferent questionnaires!
  • The assessment of parental capacity to change and treatment readiness tool
  • Statements for Model of Change
  • Goal Attainment Scaling GAS worked example