Substance misuse


  • Alcohol audit  - The audit is a self reporting questionnaire used when you suspect or are concerned about a service user drinking alcohol to problematic levels. As with any self reporting questionnaire, it is important to see this within the context of other information when incorporating the results into an assessment. Sometimes, you will be completing this with a service user who is reporting that there has been in a decrease in their alcohol use or that their alcohol use is no longer problematic. If this is the case, it can be helpful to ask them top complete one audit relating to the time period when their alcohol use was in their view problematic and one audit relating to the current time period. If there are differences between the scores you can explore these with them as part of your onward work, this can be helpful in generating motivation to change/supporting with maintaining stability.
  • Triangle Risk Assessment - This is a great tool to use when making a risk assessment of someone’s drug/alcohol use. It breaks down the impact of the drug use, the impact of personality/personal factors and the impact of the context of the drug use to enable a holistic assessment of risk and safety planning. You do need to have some knowledge of how the individual drugs impact on the person and some harm minimisation knowledge. If you are unsure, the drug and alcohol team are more than happy to offer consultation either by phone or face to face depending on the complexity of the situation.

If you are unsure about using any of the tools please contact the duty worker in your drug and alcohol team to discuss.