Practice Research Hub (PRH)

The Practice Research Hub continues to make excellent progress with its twin objectives of promoting research mindedness in everyday practice and supporting practice research projects.

Research mindedness (events and Beacon teams)

We have run two research mindedness events in the past year inviting practitioners from across both local authorities; in the first event we explored the barriers to practice research and at our at our second event, Susannah Bowyer, Assistant Director for Research in Practice ran a session exploring how local authorities can build research minded workplace cultures. There was a real enthusiasm from practitioners to develop ways of promoting research in everyday practice and subsequently invitations have gone  out for teams to take up this challenge and nominate themselves to be a ‘research in practice team’. These teams and the progress they have made will become the focus of our fourth research mindedness event in later in year.

Research projects

Practitioners sent in draft research proposals to the Principal Social Workers across both authorities and were then supported by academic colleagues in the universities to flesh these out. Practitioners will be undertaking the core research with support from academic colleagues. We now have four research projects underway:

Adult Social Care projects:

Children’s Social Care projects:

  • The impact on risk and decision making practices when working with families who have made complaints
  • The practice of the courts and why duplicate assessments are being requested by the judiciary.
Further information regarding the Children’s Social Care research projects will be available in Spring 2018.