Work resilience for AMHPs research project

Nerina Parr and Cathy Biggle, in East Sussex Adult Social Care are looking at work resilience for AMHPs (Approved Mental Health Professionals). They are exploring whether investing in the emotional resilience and wellbeing of AMHPs by training them in evidence based strategies and techniques will affect their wellbeing.

The project started with looking at evidence from Research in Practice on resilience in social work. So far the team have talked about peer coaching and seeking the right kind of help. They have also started to explore resilience in preparation for assessment and post assessment.

The next step is to develop a workshop that encourages AMHPs to use a range of strategies and techniques to improve their resilience. This will be followed up with a focus group 2/3 months later to establish what helped and what didn’t. If successful then it is hoped that training can be developed for other practitioners.

"It’s been fascinating to unpick what people actually mean when they say ‘I’m stressed’ so we can really develop some practical solutions to build resilience."