Professional Practice Development Hub (PPDH)

Practitioners Who Teach

Practitioners who teach is part of the PPDH’s focus on developing direct work grounded in day to day practice and orientated to an innovative education and professional learning pathway. We currently have over 60 practitioners signed up to the programme involved at all levels on the qualifying course from supporting the facilitation of skills workshops and taught sessions to presence on admissions interviews, vivas and fitness to practice panels.

Read more about the activities practitioners become involved with, the process and feedback from students and practitioners.

Academics in practice

Over the summer 13 academics from the schools of social work from both the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex were matched with social work teams based on their practice interests; areas of teaching responsibilities, lead role for developments and/or research activities. 

Embedding the KSS

One of the PPDH’s key roles is the embedding of KSS into both authorities; this is being achieved through a number of initiatives:

  • PECs have taken on the role of KSS champions; so that students are aware of the KSS requirements ahead of their qualifying year
  • A self-assessment tool has been developed for adult services and is being integrated into both the performance monitoring process and within practitioner’s CPD plans
  • This will allow each authority to identify strengths and gaps which will then feed into training and development plans
  • Both authorities have developed  web based  learning pathways for ASC and CS social workers,  integrating in house and HEI offers,  both learning pathways link with KSS
    • CLAM (Continuous Learning and Assessment Model) in B&HCC was launched in March 17
    • PROGRESS in ESCC is due to be launched in Spring 2018.