Academics in practice

Placements began in the summer of 2017 and we have already had a flavour of their experiences so far:

  • Many examples of good practice have been observed: social workers are looking proactively for ways to support service users with multiple and complex needs, seeking actively to draw upon all available resources including the wider community. Such case examples, appropriately anonymised, will be used to enrich classroom experience.
  • Academics have felt reassured that they continue to have a good understanding of the skills required to work in a person centred way with service users; of the range of work typically encountered in practice; and of the types of judgments required.
  • The process has felt collaborative; academics have felt able to question whether a proposed course of action might be more risk averse than necessary and workers have been open and informative in explaining their own thinking and in reflecting on agency process.

Sarah Wilkins, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Brighton who undertook a placement in ESCC’s Through Care Team and Fostering Service commented on her initial reflections:

"Meeting the teams and managers – everyone has talked about the value of being part of strong, supportive coherent team. Clearly services are under pressure to be creative and innovative practice such as lifestory work for young people/drop in style work etc.

It has also been great to meet ex-students in ASYE roles in practice and colleagues from other HEIs. It has been very helpful to see current students in practice placements."