Practitioners who teach (PWT)

The main aim of the PWT programme is to optimise the transfer of knowledge across practice-university boundaries and ensure continuity of high quality delivery through the development of a larger pool of specialist teaching practitioners. A further aim is to get the programmes to be accredited by one of the partnership universities with the creation of designated Practitioner Teacher roles within the local authorities.

The range of activities practitioners can become involved include:

  • Skills workshops, short visiting lecturer session around generic social work to specialist skills/knowledge such as domestic abuse/substance misuse/dementia both at qualifying and post graduate level in the universities
  • University selection processes including admissions interviews, practice assessment panels and vivas
  • In-house training within local authority , ongoing programmes, bespoke and team based learning.

How to apply

The programme is open to practitioners in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove - for information about applying please email

The process

Practitioners who teach process


The students' perspective

“100%, best workshop we’ve had by far!”
“Just really useful, practical and realistic advice and knowledge and information shared. ”
“I found domestic abuse workshop facilitators all really helpful – they used of their expertise and practice experience to deliver material that was pitched at the right level.”

The practitioners' perspective

“Really enjoyed the opportunity to share the experience of training and ways to develop.”
“Professional, honest, relatable facilitation.”
“Really liked the opportunity to consider how I am as a trainer, strengths and defects.”
“Excellent training, well delivered in a safe space.”