Student Learning Hub (SLH)

Practice Education Consultants (PECs)

PECs are at the heart of the SLH in both local authorities, their roles do vary but but all PECs lead a student learning hub and are responsible for delivering weekly hub groups which alternate between group supervision and skills development groups.

Student learning hub models

Slightly different models have been developed across the partnership which maximise the opportunities for students to feel supported and confident in putting theory into practice.

ESCC model

PECs are part of the student’s assessment and offer support through weekly group supervision and skills development groups. The PECs also offer additional support and guidance to Practice Educators and Practice Supervisors.
Practice Educators have overall supervisory and workload management responsibility and the Practice Supervisor has responsibility for the daily management of a student on placement in particularly work allocation and fortnightly supervision.

B&HCC ASC model

In Brighton & Hove adult’s services PECs undertake all three of the roles; PEC, Practice Educator and Practice Supervisor they are also the student’s line manager.

B&HCC CS model

In Brighton & Hove’s children’s services PECs undertake the role of PEC and Practice Educator.

The student perspective

“It’s tied the theory and practice together and it’s good to listen to other people who are in the same boat. I’ve found it great for reflection; you can also see things from different perspectives when you hear others talk about things. In my first placement my PEC focused on law which was great and I did really well in my reflective piece last year and the hub really helped with that.”

 "The SLH is separate from placement so you can talk about other professionals in a way that’s helpful without worrying what other people will think. It’s nice to know when you are stressed you’re not on your own; everyone has same challenges. In our hub we have varied backgrounds and everyone has their own expertise which we can draw on within the hub."