Group supervision and skills development group

The Student Learning Hubs are practice focused and start from one student’s case / task / practice dilemma so are very much student led. They alternate each week between group supervision and skills development:

Group Supervision

  • Provides an open space for thinking and reflecting, sitting with and exploring uncertainty
  • Allows for a discussion of a range of perspectives and dilemmas to bring about different understandings and develop different hypotheses
  • Takes a “Macro Focus” with discussion of your role and purpose with your clients, their situation and what you want to achieve through your involvement.

Skills Development Group

  • Takes a “Micro Focus” with planning, reviewing or evaluating a specific piece of work / interaction / objective to enable in-depth and practical discussion to inform specific practice and overall skill development
  • Aims to apply techniques, approaches and learning into day to day practice, ie “test out” through group work, pair work and role play
  • Is rooted in practice learning and the Knowledge and Skills Statement for both Children and Families and Adult social work
  • Helps develop the integration of theory and research in the reflection process.